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LP-DG® is a premium probiotic strain backed by years of research and creative inspiration by SOFAR S.p.A., Italy’s leading digestive health company.

Probiotics & health

The intestinal microbiota is a complex ecological system composed of billions of microorganisms in balance, mostly bacteria, which colonize the intestine and work together for the health of the host, to promote the transit and absorption of nutrients. Probiotics have to be distinguished from the more general category of live microbial cultures.Probiotics belong to a niche group recognized as exhibiting certain characteristics that promote survival in the human gastrointestinal tract, and provide a health benefit to the host.



Probiotic definition

Functional and safety aspects of a good probiotic

Guidelines from FAO/WHO, which define the characteristics of a good probiotic, underline aspects like: accurate taxonomic classification, strain deposited in a reputable, internationally recognized Culture Collection, functional characterization, safety of use and efficacy supported by human clinical studies.

The Strain

LP-DG® (Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-1572) is a unique and original probiotic strain isolated in the early 90s and characterized by SOFAR in the following years, is demonstrated to meet all characteristics of a good probiotic.

Probiotics & health
Probiotic definition
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